Source code for marshmallow_mongoengine.convert

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from marshmallow_mongoengine.conversion import fields

def _is_field(value):
    return (
        isinstance(value, type) and
        issubclass(value, fields.Field)

[docs]class ModelConverter(object): """Class that converts a mongoengine Document into a dictionary of corresponding marshmallow `Fields <marshmallow.fields.Field>`. """ def fields_for_model(self, model, fields_kwargs=None, fields=None): result = {} fields_kwargs = fields_kwargs or {} for field_name, field_me in model._fields.items(): if fields and field_name not in fields: continue if field_name in fields_kwargs: field_ma_cls = self.convert_field(field_me, **fields_kwargs[field_name]) else: field_ma_cls = self.convert_field(field_me) if field_ma_cls: result[field_name] = field_ma_cls return result def convert_field(self, field_me, instance=True, **kwargs): field_builder = fields.get_field_builder_for_data_type(field_me) if not instance: return field_builder.marshmallow_field_cls return field_builder.build_marshmallow_field(**kwargs) def field_for(self, model, property_name, **kwargs): field_me = getattr(model, property_name) field_builder = fields.get_field_builder_for_data_type(field_me) return field_builder.build_marshmallow_field(**kwargs)
default_converter = ModelConverter() fields_for_model = default_converter.fields_for_model """Generate a dict of field_name: `marshmallow.fields.Field` pairs for the given model. :param model: The Mongoengine Document model :return: dict of field_name: Field instance pairs """ convert_field = default_converter.convert_field """Convert a Mongoengine `Field` to a field instance or class. :param Property field_me: Mongoengine Field Property. :param fields_kwargs: Dict of per-field kwargs to pass at field creation. :param bool instance: If `True`, return `Field` instance, computing relevant kwargs from the given property. If `False`, return the `Field` class. :param kwargs: Additional keyword arguments to pass to the field constructor. :return: A `marshmallow.fields.Field` class or instance. """ field_for = default_converter.field_for """Convert a property for a mapped Mongoengine Document class to a marshmallow `Field`. Example: :: date_created = field_for(Author, 'date_created', dump_only=True) author = field_for(Book, 'author') :param type ,: A Mongoengine Document mapped class. :param str property_name: The name of the property to convert. :param kwargs: Extra keyword arguments to pass to `property2field` :return: A `marshmallow.fields.Field` class or instance. """